Pieces of Things Assignment

For the Pieces of Things assignment for my Digital Photography class, we were to take interesting pictures while attempting to use what we’ve learned about depth of field in photography to create visually interesting photos.

For my final image, I decided to use a picture of my snake on a placemat on the table. I liked the picture and thought it had an interesting composition because my snake’s face wasn’t the focus, but the middle of the body and part of my table mat was. I thought that my picture also followed the rule of three rather well. I think my photo has a strong focal point. I feel like the viewer is instantly drawn to the twine and the scales in the middle of the snake’s body.

I had a lot of trouble during taking photos for this assignment with focus and with light. While taking pictures, especially indoor pictures, the pictures would end up becoming extremely warm. And I also had trouble getting my subject of my photos to focus the way I wanted. It was hard to control the camera and if it would focus on the background or the foreground of the photo.

I edited the photo quite a bit in Photoshop. I edited the levels, the color balance, I sharpened the focal elements of my photo more to make them pop. I also used the curves tool and worked with some saturation in the photo. I decided not to crop the image from the right because the photo looked better with some empty space to the side.

Edited Final Photo

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