Diner Scene – Texturing and Lighting

I have been thinking a lot about the textures I will be using for my scene. i think I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I think it’ll turn out great.

For textures, I have found multiple textures I wish to use. Since my scene will be in a snowy environment, I have to texture wisely or else the composition will come out looking very monotone.

For tables, I will use wooden planks for my table, covered very lightly with snow.

I plan on using a wood plank texture and then adding snow details in photoshop.

For lighting, I want lights inside of my igloos because I plan on having the tops of my igloos to be see through. i plan oon having warm key lighting in the insides of these igloos.

I also wish to create the northern lights in my scene. From what I’ve read through my online findings, it will be created through a mixture of colorful maya lighting and photoshop painting.


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