Game Scene – Referencing & Blocking

For my modeling class, we were given a new assignment. For this assignment, we chose 2 other people to group with and work together to model 3 buildings from a select video game. Then later in the project, we will have to upload our buildings into Unity. This sounds like a tough project but I think it’ll be fun! My group mates and I agreed to model buildings from Overwatch, specifically buildings from the recently released map Eichenwalde.

My teammates and I are already collaborating pretty well. These are in screenshots of the buildings we want to model in the game map.

Overwatch: Origins Edition_20161031134619

My first teammate has an interest in recreating this gatetower.

Spawn House

My second teammate has interest in modeling the spawn point from the map.

Computer House First Side
Computer House Second Side

I want to attempt to model this house. I think the idea of a old fashioned building as a computer store is pretty cute, and I want to make a tiny gate that’ll connect to my second teammate’s house. I am uncertain if I am going to attempt to model the decay in the house’s roof, simply because it seems rather hard and I do not think we are going to be modeling the insides of our houses.

Screenshot (75).png
Our Group’s Blocking

My teammates and I blocked out our buildings and basically moved and resized our buildings in order to see which layout we liked the best. We used the layout from the screenshot below as our base for where our buildings would lie in relation to each other.

Once we all agreed on the layout, we set to work on our individual buildings. I think this project is going to be really fun!


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