Game Scene – Modeling & UVing

I ran into technical difficulties with the why’s and hows of creating the mode. Even though I think I finally got my head around the modeling in my scene, I am in no where near the position to UV just yet.

Screenshot (77).png

This was an attempted primitive I did for my house. I was rather perplexed by how to create the roof and line up the base with the roof correctly. I made the roof by extruding faces from a plane.

Reference Roof

I didn’t know how to create roofing and how to get the center part of the roof to jut out. I eventually scrapped my primitive and decided to just go for modeling it head on.

Screenshot (80).png
New Building

I liked the shape of this building much better. With help from some teacher’s aides, I saw that I could just make a separate piece for the part of the roof that juts out. This time, I extruded everything to create shape in order to save on faces.

Screenshot (82).png
This week’s  finished result

I think I made pretty good progress this week despite of my lack of UV’s. I was having so many issues with making my building look good, but with some help I pulled through. I think it would be better for me to hold off on UV’s until the entirety of my building is finished. I think that would simply just be smarter. I wouldn’t want to have to waste time putting in UV’s if I ended up needing to change my model.

By next week, I intend to be done or mostly done with my building!


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