Game Scene – Modeling Progress

I’m nearly done with my building! I didn’t really have any problems this week. Just a steady course through the project.

Screenshot (83).png
1st Add-On

My base was pretty much completed last week, so this week I was focused on adding the extra structures that were connected to my building. The first on I focused on was the mini “princess tower” connected to the corner of the building. Using a simple cylinder, I sized it up and extruded it’s vertices so the top could point up. It was pretty simple to get the basic shape for it.

a146215bf5b3af7cab311e0f4c03d844 (1).jpg
What the reference for the little tower looks like

Once my basic shape was done, I studied my reference image and set about adding some structural details to the tower. I extruded the edges of the cylinder, where the vertices were extruded upwards, and extruded the edge outwards so I could add more depth to the top of the tower. Then I selected the highest vertex and basically scaled it so it would have the cylindrical point at the very top just like in the reference image.

Screenshot (87).png
Finished Mini Princess Tower

I was happy with how the tower turned out. I think it’s very similar to how the reference tower looks. After I finished with the mini tower, I turned my attention to modeling the gate with the brick tower connected to the very side of my building.

Tower and Bridge Reference

This building was even easier to model. I simply got a square polygon, sized it up, and extruded the top to make a point. It was very simple to make. For the gate, I nearly finished it, but the blog post for this week is due so I can’t show it finished yet. But I’m probably going to finish it before I return to my hometown for Thanksgiving break.

Screenshot (86).png
Mostly Finished Tower and Unfinished Bridge

Once I come back from break, I should be all but finished with modeling. My goal for the next blog post is to finally do some UV’s!


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