Game Scene – UVing and Textures

Screenshot (89).pngScreenshot (88).png

Over the break I made quite a bit of progress! I finished up modeling my building, now it’s completely done. I do not think there are any problems with my buildings, I think they’re pretty solid!

Screenshot (90).png
Polygons UV Projected

I finally started UVing this week. UVing wasn’t as hard for me this time around as it was in the Diner scene. I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. I planar projected all of my polygons. In our assignment, each building can use two 2k UV maps. I decided to split my maps up by Having the base building and it’s roof and windows on one map, and the tower, bridge, mini tower, and their windows on the other map. This helped me organize my scene tremendoulsly.

The Textures I used

One of my teammates used a program called Shoebox in addition to Adobe Air and was able to pull high resolution textures from the in game screenshots! I  couldn’t possibly thank her enough! My scene was relatively simple so it didn’t call for too many different textures. But I loved the ones I used. I felt that it helped certain elements in my scene pop more.

Bridge, Tower, and Mini Tower UV Mapped
Main Building, Roof, and Windows UV Mapped

This is how I split up my maps. For the most part they’re all sized pretty well, and there is not too much clutter.

Screenshot (91).png
Entire Scene Textured

All in all, I’m very happy with how my scene turned out. I think it looks great! I think the textures go very well together, and I’m happy with my shapes as well. Can’t wait to but this in Unity and see how it looks!


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