Game Scene – Final Post

This last assignment was full of so many challenges, but the payoff was ultimately so rewarding. This past Wednesday, the due date of this assignment, my team was great at communication and helping and delegating tasks. It was such a stressful two hours trying to get everything turned in on time, however it all turned out positive in the end.

All 3 Buildings in Maya

This last Wednesday we were very strapped for time. Even though my group mates and I finished our buildings and textures on time, we were not prepared for having to organize our scenes. For some reason, we were having technimal difficulties with textures not showing up when importing a building. So to save time, I was in charge of organizing the massive list of files, folders, and images we needed to bundle together to turn into the TurnIn folder. My teammate Maggie was in charge of fixing the issues with the Maya scene, and my teammate Arric worked dilligently on using the Unity terrain editor.

My teammate did amazing work in Unity while my other teammate and I were in charge of organizing all the files and fixing technical issues

This formation and delegation of tasks worked very well for us. Though extremely crunched for time, we were able to turn everything in by exactly 12:59 pm with 1 minute to spare, AND our Unity terrain was absolutely gorgeously done by my teammate Arric.

I think my group showed great teamwork that day. And I am so extremely proud of what we all accomplished. This project has been such a great learning experience when it comes to teamwork, 3D modeling skills, and Unity.

An Awesome Experience!



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