Dungeons and DRAGONS Map 1 Version 2

For my level design class, we had to redo our Dungeon and Dragons map. Taking feedback I received from the previous assignment, I decided I needed to edit my previous map into something a bit more tough.

In the last assignment, the main critiques I received was that the enemies were much too easy. In this map I added much more enemies to the environment and upped the stats of enemies as well.

For my second version of my Dungeons and Dragons map, I for one decided to make the rooms bigger in order to make room for more enemies. I also wanted to add lighter and darker colors into the map in order to use spells like light more efficiently.  For this version, I decided to use a Dungeons and Dragons map maker tool recommended to me by a previous playtester. I found the tool on pyromancy.com. I liked this tool because I was able to make the map more efficiently.

What went right in my map according to the people who playtested my map, was that it was a very easy map layout for a tutorial level. My playtesters liked the flow of the map, and found it very easy to understand. My playtesters thought the critical path made it obvious where to go throughout the map.

Unfortunately my playtesters found that I upped the difficulty on the enemies a bit too much. I had to restart the game because my playtesters died in the second room in my map. And though I had parts of the map which needed the use of mechanics such as jumping and spells, there was only one instance of each in the map, so there was not enough varied environmental gameplay showcased in my map. The enemies were not appropriate for an introductory level, and were way to powered up. There also was not any circulation elements in my map.

To improve my map for next time, I am definitely going to playtest my enemy NPC’s before the actual playtest. I need to get a handle on enemy characters and how to effectively Balance them. And I think for next time I am also going to vary my map layout more. I want to keep the path obvious, but I want to add more circulation elements and add in different paths in order to reward exploration. I think for my next map i am going to add more stairs and elevators. I also want to add ambushes into my next map. I will be playtesting my map and will be trying to figure out how to make more challenging but fair enemies. That is something I definitely need more work at.


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