Dungeons and Dragons Tiered Map 2 Version 2

For my CAGD 270 Level Design class, we were to create and design Dungeons and Dragons maps. However, this time we had to get into groups of 3 and coordinate with two other people in order to create 3 maps, 1 each either a beginning, intermediate, and advanced level.

A surprising amount of things went right for me during this assignment. I was able to coordinate with my group mates really well in order to create a cohesive story between all 3 maps. I was in charge of creating the intermediate level in my group.

The play test went reasonably well. The play testers thought my map was pretty good overall. The play testers said the path of my map was pretty obvious, but the added rooms and mini pathways helped to add variety and made my map look more eye catching. The play testers also thought my level did a great job of transitioning seamlessly from my map to the advanced map through the story.

With that though, the play testers recommended that I add more back paths and short cuts because the main path in my Dungeons and Dragons Map was a bit too linear. The play testers also recommended that in the future I make my map bigger. The play testers thought the layout itself was fine, but the play testers recommended that I next time use larger paper to print or draw my map out on.

I ran into some issues with my play test when it came to enemy non player characters. My enemies were a bit too spread out and not buffed enough in conjunction with the player’s skill level. So I have to work on that a bit more.

My items weren’t very “eye catching” to the players, but the play testers were still able to find them and adequately use them. The play testers were able to adequately learn how to use the items I presented in my map regardless.

Next time I’ll improve my map by drawing it out on a much larger piece of paper. I will also carefully balance enemies in my level so that it is equal to the player’s skill level in order to create a more adequate challenge. I’ll also make the items a bit more eye catching.

It was interesting working on a Level Design Team. I think I definitely prefer working alone, but I liked the people I was in a group with. Being in a group for this class was not like being in a group for CAGD 170 Video Game design. I was still able to make my own map. The only things I really had to coordinate on with my group was items and enemies, which I preferred because it allowed me to have the freedom to design my own map.

In summation, the positives that occurred in my play tests were: the main path throughout my map was fairly obvious, my map tied in with the other maps in the group really well, there were elements of flow in my map, my play testers liked my items and were able to learn how to use items adequately through gameplay, and the play testers liked the aesthetic of my map.

The negatives that occurred in my play test were: there were not elements of flow and circulation presented in my map, the enemies were not properly balanced in conjunction with the play testers skill level and were in need of buffing, the items were not eye catching and blended in with the scenery, and the map size as a whole was to small.

I am excited to learn from this assignment and apply what I have learned to the next assignment.


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