3D Level Version 1

Annotated Map

For my CAGD 270 class, we were assigned to create a simple 3D tutorial level. We were to create an easy platforming level using assets provided to us by our professor.


For my level, I instantly thought of creating a level loosely based on the tv show Wipeout. I wanted players to go through many obstacles and have to skillfully jump to complete the obstacles. I also wanted players to be able to easily pick up where they left off since the level was meant to be easy.

For my play test, I received quite a bit of feedback. Most of the complaints were similar. I interviewed the majority of my play testers verbally but 3 play testers also responded via a feedback form. I’m happy with all of the feedback I received.

In the beginning of my play test, I realized I had messed up. When making my scene I had accidentally tagged my main camera as a game controller instead of tagging it as simply a main camera. This caused the controls in my level to be very wonky for the first play testers. Luckily I was able to get help from my professor and fix the issue.

My play testers liked my placement of my main camera. Some play testers wished it was a little bit higher, while other play testers wanted it a bit further away from the third person character. Either way, the play testers generally liked my camera placement aside from a couple suggestions. I think in the future I will place my camera a tiny bit higher over the third person character so that way players can see the characters feet while jumping. This would allow them to traverse the platformer level easier.

Though the requirements of the assignment stipulated that the level was to be “Easy,” some of  my play testers felt I made my level too easy. The biggest and most common suggestion I received was that it was too easy to simply walk past all the obstacles and get to the end of the level.

In my level, I had about four obstacles the player could jump on to in order to practice their platforming skills. However, the layout of my level meant the obstacles were all in the open, meaning players were not forced to play on the obstacles. It was very easy to walk past all of my obstacles to the end obstacle.

Play testers felt even my end obstacle was too easy. It was much more challenging, so I put multiple ramps so that way the player would not face “negative exploration” and they would not feel punished by missing a jump. However, play testers believed I added a few too many ramps that would allow them to easily get back to the obstacle. In hindsight, I probably should have had only one ramp that can let a player easily reach back to the top of the obstacle.

My level was also very linear, but surprisingly play testers did not seem to mind too much. There were obviously a few suggestions to create more paths, but overall most play testers did not mind. Many of the play testers liked the flow of my level. They also seemed to like how spacious my level was.

I think for the next play test, I will definitely add more diverging paths. I will also make absolute sure that every obstacle in the level must be tried and beaten before the player can proceed to the next part of the level. I am really enjoying Unity and I hope the next Unity level assignment will go well!


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