CAGD 345 Blog Post

For my CAGD 345 summer class, we were assigned to create a 1 minute story. The title of this 1 month assignment was Story Project One. In this class, we went very in depth into what goes on in the pre-production animation pipeline. We learned about story beats, loglines, storyboards, animatics, character design, and a whole lot more.

For the Story Project One assignment, we had to go through every step of the pre-production pipeline. We were to create 1 minute stories. We started with some brainstorming for ideas. Then we picked 2 of our favorite ideas and pitched them to the class. After deciding which idea we liked best, we then moved onto the character design process. Then we created story beats for our narrative to get the most bare bones and striped down idea of what our story was going to be and how the plot would play out. Then to get more in depth, we created a proper script for our story. We then drew out storyboards to indicate movement and character actions visually. The final step in this project was to create an animatic. We took the storyboard slides and created a video to greater show the timing and pacing in our story.

My story, called Bear-ritory, was about a spoiled old teddy bear who is trying to get rid of a new teddy bear. But throughout the story, the old bear comes to accept the new bear. I thought it was a cute premise and was a simple enough plot to fit into the 1 minute time frame. I ran into some issues with the new teddy bear not being very developed. I got a great idea from a classmate who critiqued my storyboards who suggested:

“I feel like the resolution is a little forced. An idea could be to have the Old Bear missing a piece of himself (nose, button, etc.) and then the New Bear gets off the bed after one of his scare attempts. As the Old Bear thinks he won, the New Bear comes back with the missing piece. Helps add to the New Bear’s character and gives an external reason why the Old Bear is angry when he first shows up.”

This suggestion was great because I too thought the ending of my story was a bit rushed, So I changed my story’s ending and added a scene at the end where the new teddy bear gives the old teddy bear a part of his ear that had been ripped off ages ago. The old teddy bear is touched by this and decided to live peacefully with the new teddy bear.

My Character Sheet

I think drawing the character sheet was my favorite part of this class. It was so much fun designing characters and experimenting with shapes in order to convey certain personalities. I gave the old teddy bear a stitch on his tummy and a noticeable rip on his left ear. Conversely, I made the new teddy bear to have no outward flaws and I gave him bright eye shines to convey his youth.

Script & Story

Unfortunately, it seems WordPress does not allow embedding in there posts. However here are links to the script and story beats for my story. The story beats were easy enough, but the script was much harder for me. Script formatting was very challenging for me to understand, but it was still an interesting challenge.

Bear-ritory Animatic

This is the link to my animatic for my story. The animatic was the assignment that went the smoothest for me. It was pretty easy and also fun finding sound effects and playing with he program’s pan and zoom camera tools. Although the character sheet was so fun, I think I had the most fun making the animatic. It was so exciting to see the storyboards come to life in a sense. And it was a great learning experience to fiddle with the timing and pacing of my shots in Adobe Premiere.


And finally, here is the link for my storyboards. The storyboards took the longest. I definitely had to keep taking breaks because it was so tiring. They were still great to make, but I didn’t really understand the timing aspect of them. I preferred to just create the timing during the actual animatic instead of trying to guess which shot should be how many seconds.

Overall, this class was so beneficial for me. I learned a lot, and I found that story boarding and character design is something I greatly enjoy doing. I’m so grateful for this class, and hope I can continue doing things of this nature in the future!



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