CAGD 445 – Week 1

In our first class meeting for CAGD 445, we immediately jumped into making teams. I was pretty worried about picking a team so suddenly, but it turned out well. I was able to team up with people who had similar interests in regards to how we wanted our animation to go. I teamed up with Laura Allen, Nick Ng, and George Thao. We talked about our general skills. Laura and I are animators & concept artists, George is a modeler and animator, and Nick is a animator and video editor.

We immediately set to talking about what we’d do for our short. We all agreed that a simple, shorter animation would be better, especially since this was all our first time taking the class. We talked about having limited shots and camera angles in order to finesse the animations better. We also wanted our short to be a comedy.

After talking for a while, we decided to go with a courtroom scene. We figured that a courtroom would call for limited camera shots and characters, which fell in line with our want for a simple animation.


We were inspired by this Rick and Morty animation of Justin Roiland reenacting an actual court transcript. We liked how limited the shots were and how funny the short was. We were also inspired by David O’Reily’s “The External World.”

Next week, we will each bring in story ideas and vote on which one we want to go with.



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