CAGD 345 Blog Post

For my CAGD 345 summer class, we were assigned to create a 1 minute story. The title of this 1 month assignment was Story Project One. In this class, we went very in depth into what goes on in the pre-production animation pipeline. We learned about story beats, loglines, storyboards, animatics, character design, and a […]

3D Level 2 Version 1

For my 270 CAGD Level Design class, we were assigned to create a second iteration of our 3D level assignment. For this assignment, we were give much more assets to work with. We were given more assets that would effect the gameplay in our levels, and added new mechanics. For example, we were given by […]

Dungeons and Dragons Map 2 Version 1

For my level design class, we were assigned another Dungeons and Dragons map making assignment. For this assignment, some very stark differences from our previous assignments were implemented. These rule changes in all made the assignment more challenging, but ultimately more fun. In the two previous assignments, I have had difficulty when it comes to balancing […]