Panorama Assignment


For my Digital Photography Class, we were assigned to do a Panoramic picture. I decided that I wanted to do a cute picture with my favorite bear as the subject.

I started work on the picture. I took the picture from different angles so I could merge them all together into one cohesive piece in photoshop. I used a tripod in order to take photos. I haven’t been able to steady my hands when holding cameras, and before I used a tripod, all of my photos were slightly blurry and not at the exact right angles.

My First Part of the Picture
The Middle Part
The Last Part

I then took the photos into photoshop and color corrected them. I merged them together and used the clone stamp tools to fix up inconsistencies in the photo. Surprisingly, the automatic merge tool in Photoshop did most of the work for me, and I did not have many big seams I needed to fix. I think this is because I used a tripod in order to make the photos more exact.

The Final Image

I did run into issues when it came to fixing up stray seams. My desk was rather cluttered when I took this photo, and this made it hard to fix up uneven seams in the photo’s background. My computer monitor and the tubbaware in the middle of the photo have visible messed up seams. I tried to edit them as much as I could. Maybe they’re just really apparent to me because they’re my photo? I’m not sure.

I’m pretty proud of this photo. It’s really cute and I think it showcases my personal style pretty well. All in all, I really like it!


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